Company gala

For your company celebrations or events, Hubris designs and creates the whole of your event for you around an oenological theme.

Our partnership with caterers with whom we share the search for excellence and the expertise of our wine and gastronomy professionals, ensure that the highest standards and refinements are met for your oenological event.

With animations such as Oenological workshop, tasting of the greatest French and world wines, Hubris creates with you a memorable sur-mesure corporate event.

Playing with the tasting of great Grands Crus, old vintage Ports, eaux de vie or even chosen whiskies, Hubris elaborates with you, your unique event.

Product description
Area of venue

France and European capitals


From 40 to 2000 guests

Oenological and gastronomy made to suit your wishes


Entrepose Contracting

Area of venue

Company office, Paris

Number of guests


Oenologique topic
Bordeaux and the Crus Classés de St-Julien

Between a sumptuous gourmet buffet and famous Grands Crus of great vintages, guests tested their oenological skills. Guided by our Sommeliers-Conseils during the blind tasting sessions.

They successively enjoyed each Grands Crus. In that way, whilst enjoying themselves and having fun, they acquired a better knowledge of wine, and later on answered a quiz (vintage, estate, type...) for a prize draw.